Legal Lasso: Judge Resigns Over ACLU Claims

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Alamosa Judge Resigns
An Alamosa municipal judge resigned after the ACLU claimed that he had committed civil rights violations, including jailing people who are in debt.

Colorado River Personhood
One attorney has a plan to have the Colorado River granted personhood. And while the idea might seem far-fetched, it’s not the first of its kind in a handful of other countries.

League of Women Voters Split Over Redistricting
Top leadership of Colorado’s League of Women Voters are split over a redistricting campaign that the organization put its name on. And although the group is a “designated representative” for a ballot measure, the board had not voted on the issue.

One Area Where Schools Get Money
Think Colorado’s statewide elections are attracting all the big money? Although not quite on the same expense level, Colorado’s school board elections have drawn $1.5 million from various interest groups.

Possible Ethical Trouble for U.S. Rep
U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn bought shares of a company that is the focus of an insider trading investigation involving another congressman.


Outstanding Debt
A lawyer who said his license suspension prevented him from finding work said his $500,000 in student loans went unpaid because of his mother’s error; the court was not convinced to discharge the debt, though.

California Bar Exam Not Getting Easier
The California Supreme Court said the state’s cut score for the bar exam will stay where it is, for now.

NFL Players Breaking the Law
U.S. Senate candidate and former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore said that NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem are breaking the law. U.S. Code forbids professional athletes from kneeling during the Anthem.

Jury Sequestered in FIFA Case
A judge granted prosecutors’ requests to sequester the jury in the FIFA corruption case.

Law Firms Linked to Cyber Breaches
It seems that everyone has now caught on that law firms are weak links in cybersecurity and that breaches could result in insider trading.

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