Legal Lasso: Ty Cobb Tapped for White House Team

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Trump Brings in Colorado Big Leaguer
Denver attorney Ty Cobb left Hogan Lovells to join the White House as special counsel overseeing the Trump administration’s legal and media responses to Russian investigations.

GOP Gov. Candidates Meet for the First Time
The six Republicans running for governor met as competitors for the first time over the weekend to distinguish themselves from one another and make their pitch to the party.

Jail Time for Accountant Fraudster
A Denver judge recommended 15 years for Don Iley, a white collar criminal accountant who cheated his clients out of $11 million. Judge Christine Arguello exceeded the maximum recommended sentence by five years, saying white collar criminals get off too easy.

No Charges for ‘Make My Day’ Shooter
The 4th Judicial District Attorneys said there will be no charges for a man who shot and killed an intruder in his home.

Colorado Man Who Lived off the Grid Gets Jail Time
A Colorado man who left the U.S. to live off the grid in Ecuador will get a two-year prison sentence for IRS fraud.


The Depths of One Lawyers Addiction
After a Silicon Valley attorney died, his ex-wife discovered his addiction and how big a role it had in his life.

Right to Twitter
A lawsuit claiming President Trump blocking individuals from his Twitter account is a First Amendment violation claims that the high-profile nature and official status of his Twitter account make it a public forum that individuals are denied access to.

Medical Problems Delay Health Care Overhaul
Sen. John McCain’s hospitalization is maybe more severe than first thought and could delay Republicans’ attempts at passing a new health care bill.

“Don’t Let Our Democracy Collapse”
An op-ed in the New York Times looks to the courts to be the backstop for campaign corruption but sees that role as failing or ineffective to begin with when faced with modern threats.

Insider Trading Spilling out of BigLaw
The husband of a BigLaw associate is accused of using his wife’s information to conduct insider training. As of right now, the attorney has not been arrested but is suspended at her law firm.

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