Someone to Lean On

A group of attorneys found success in working solo, together

It might seem strange to most attorneys to have meetings during an afternoon happy hour at a bar, but for a group of solo and small firm practitioners who managed to find a way
to collaborate and also do things their own way, it’s nothing unusual.
For Sara Sharp, counsel with Sparkman Foote and a member of the Independent Law Group, the meetings are as much social gatherings as work functions, follow in line with her first impression of solo work. When she first began practicing on her own, it seemed
like it might be all “drugs and rock and roll” when her first clients were a band and a marijuana business, whom she worked with on business formation and copyright issues for a new album and a CBD deal between a grower and dispensary, respectively.
The Independent Law Group is a network of attorneys who all left the BigLaw world to hang their own shingle. And although they’ve all been on their own from years to months, they
each found that indepdenent work is better when there’s still someone else around to rely on.
The group’s attorneys meet about once a month to connect as a group and discuss work — in May, they discussed cases over beer at First Draft in the RiNo neighborhood. The conversation went from work experiences to personal experiences to side businesses and cycling. The idea is to have a group of attorneys who can provide referrals, advice or, when needed, additional support on matters. But what brings the attorneys together is the fact that they want to work together, not because they have to or because they happen to share an office space.