Legal Lasso: Russia Investigations & More

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In Local News:

Lima-Marin Immigration Issue
Rene Lima-Marin, who was released early from his sentence and re-incarcerated in 2014, may now face deportation.

Black Hills Claims Bias
Black Hills Energy requested a Denver district court to remove Commissioner Frances Koncilja from further reviews by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, alleging the commissioner is biased against the company.

Boulder Activists Demand Review
Coalitions in the Boulder area filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday aiming to block the opening of the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge until environmental laws are followed.

Coal Creek Canyon Suspect Charged in Triple Homicide
Garrett Coughlin was charged with three counts of first-degree murder and three counts of felony murder Thursday.

CO Attorney General Says Comey Memo Raises Concern
Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman called for an investigation after former FBI director James Comey’s memo stating that the president ordered him to cease inquiries into former national security advisor Michael Fynn.

In National News:

Former FBI Director Joins Russia Investigation
Robert Mueller, longest serving FBI director since J. Edgar Hoover, will join Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in the investigation of Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election.

Just Google It: Still a Trademark
A claim brought against the popular search engine by Chris Gillespie failed in federal appeals court. The suit argued that because of its widespread usage, the term Google has become generic.

Acquittal for Betty Shelby
On Wednesday, a jury acquitted Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby on manslaughter charges for the shooting of Terence Crutcher last year.

Bipartisan Banking Bill Aims to Aid Marijuana Businesses
Eight senators introduced a bill on Wednesday to help make banking easier for marijuana businesses in states where the drug is legal.

Spike in Immigration Arrests
Under the Trump administration, federal arrests are up 37.6 percent from this time last year according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.