‘Big Open Minds, Big Open Skies’

Colorado’s innovation success and the impact of the Rocky Mountain USPTO

For the past decade, Colorado’s business culture has been generating an “innovation movement” that is reaching new peaks. Entrepreneurs are flocking to the state, and startup businesses are popping up around tech hubs like Boulder and Denver — and this need to meet fresh minds looking to patent emerging ideas was a big driver for the expansion of the United States Patent and Trademark Office to the Rocky Mountain Region in Denver in 2014.
In the past two years, over 3,400 patents were issued to Colorado residents. In 2015, in particular, Colorado residents filed 6,266 patent applications, and the Rocky Mountain region as a whole, which includes Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Utah, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming, filed nearly 8,000 patents. California and the Silicon Valley region still issued significantly more patents last year, but the growth and “innovation movement” within the Rocky Mountain Region is worth noting, said Rocky Mountain Regional Director Molly Kocialski.
“Our outreach efforts focus on those who, perhaps, we haven’t reached in the past who need information on the intellectual property system, (despite) geography or other limitations,” she said.
Meeting stakeholders means the Denver regional office not only provides support and information, but it also provides IP awareness to those being introduced to the field, networking opportunities or commerce information to those engaged in commercializing their IP ventures.

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