Embracing Law’s Tech-Enabled Future

Local and international thought leaders examine the profession’s adoption of technology at DU conference.

Professionals like lawyers, doctors and accountants are increasingly losing ground to tech-enabled competitors like LegalZoom, WebMD and TurboTax as the internet makes their services more accessible.

But at the Future of the Professions Summit, held Wednesday at the Cable Center near the University of Denver, tech experts and interdisciplinary professionals didn’t come together to bemoan these shifts in the marketplace. Instead, they anticipated exciting new opportunities in their respective fields.

The program, organized by Project X-ITE, DU’s innovation initiative, gathered experts from across disciplines, but much of the discussion throughout the day touched on how new technology is affecting the practice of law.

Project X-ITE’s Wednesday summit, “The Future of the Professions,” took its name from a book by Richard Susskind and Daniel Susskind that analyzes the impact that the internet and information technology will have on the professions. Daniel Susskind, a Fellow in Economics at Oxford University, was on hand at the summit to deliver a keynote presentation.

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