CO Judge Retires After Disciplinary Action

A Colorado judge will retire after facing disciplinary action for alleged misconduct.

The Colorado Supreme Court on Feb. 9 approved a recommendation from the Colorado Commission on Judicial Discipline for the termination of disciplinary proceedings involving El Paso County Judge Jonathan Walker, who has agreed to retire instead of facing disciplinary action, the Colorado Commission on Judicial Discipline said in a statement.

According to the statement, Walker, who was temporarily suspended with pay Nov. 8, was accused of “disrespectful conduct, including harassment toward three female judicial employees.”  The judge, who served nine years on the El Paso bench was also accused of “retaliating against a witness who was interviewed as part of an ensuing investigation; improperly modifying plea agreements; and failing to recuse himself from cases involving his personal attorney.”

His suspension was pending the outcome of a preliminary investigation, though since the judge agreed to retire, the Colorado Commission on Judicial Discipline requested the dismissal of the proceedings pending against him.